le chateau depaz
chateau depaz

Visit the Depaz Castle

The Depaz castle

The Depaz castle was occupied by the Depaz family up until the mid-1980s and still today contributes to the reputation of Depaz rhum. It is witness to the intensive productivity propelled by a visionary called Victor Depaz, the creator of Depaz rhums.  Built between 1917 and 1922, the Depaz castle is a unique building in Martinique.

chateau depaz

The smokehouse

After their meal, Victor Depaz and his guests would head to the smokehouse to enjoy Cuban cigars and the best Depaz rhums.      

It was in this room that business took place.  The intensity and quality of the Depaz rhums served to counteract the harshness of the discussions.

le fumoir

The games room

The ladies of the house favoured this room to gather and relax after business dinners or family meals.

It was here that they drunk tea or coffee, embarked on a game of dominoes or settled into a rooking chair to read or chat.

salle de jeu

Victor Depaz's office

A place for reflection and work, Victor Depaz’s office looks out over the Caribbean sea. On the wall reigns a photograph of Victor Depaz sporting his Legion of Honour presented to him by President Coty in person. It is tastefully decorated in wood and the effect is of a fine and elegant atmosphere, in the image of the old Depaz rhums, after ageing in oak casks.

bureau victor depaz

The dining room

The Depaz castle dining room is majestic both for its size and the spectacular view it provides over the legendary Caribbean sea.

It was used for family meals and as a ceremonial room. Victor Depaz indeed regularly hosted prominent figures visiting or living on the island.

la salle a manger

The archive room

Located next to his office, this room was used by Victor Depaz to store his archives.  Exhibited there are objects carrying the traces of the 1902 volcanic eruption as well as a series of photographs of the town of Saint Pierre before this event.  In the centre there is a map of the Pelée Mountain Agricultural Exploitation drawn up in the 1920s based on the 1886 original.

salle des archives

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